Embrace your Burnout and Release your Resilience

Do you think Burnout can be a transformational Experience?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Transformational Burnout

I met a very successful social entrepreneur last week for coffee. She asked to meet me when she read my blog. She told me how delighted she was that she had avoided burnout in the last two months.

When I probed her, it was clear that this was the repeating of a pattern she had seen all her life. She has constantly avoided her burnout.

I reminded her that she needs to face and embrace her burnout. She needs to release and unleash her resilience. She realised that she will only discern and learn when she faces her burnout and that will allow her to comprehend and transcend what it is telling her.

I offered to do some work with her on it and I hope she comes back.

Watch this space

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